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The legendary Lotus Seven

Originally created as a simple two-seater sports car, the Lotus Seven was designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman. The original Sevens were designed to be road legal cars that could be used for racing. This, together with the fact that most were produced in kit form, made them popular as well as affordable.

Fraser Cars Lotus 7 replicas

Over the years, we have continued to develop the Fraser Clubman, using the latest technology to provide the ultimate driving experience. But the manufacturing process calls on true craftsmanship. Our cars are handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand. We make almost all of the components ourselves.

The right Fraser Car for you

Buy them as finished cars, or purchase them in kit form. We'll supply kits at any stage of assembly so that you can do as much or as little of the work yourself. Whether you go for a ready-to-drive Fraser Lotus 7 replica, or a kit, you can specify almost everything on your car.

Fraser Cars deliver much more than a's a lifestyle

On the road I am asked where can I buy one? Silly question! Mine is unique!

The Fraser Clubman Lotus 7 Replica

This is a classic sports car which remains faithful to the original Lotus 7. The Fraser Clubman is ideal for road use, taking in the sights and sounds of twisting country roads and turning heads as you pass people by.

The Fraser Clubman Lotus 7 Replica

The Fraser Clubman S Lotus 7 Replica

The Fraser Clubman S Lotus 7 Replica

For a modern sports car with plenty of grunt for the racetrack, the Fraser Clubman S is hard to beat. This Lotus 7 replica has been given a modern twist by Fraser Cars, with black satin finishes for the grille, roll bar, rear number plate mount and suspension.

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The Store

The Store

In our specialist parts shop, we’ve brought together the components we rate the most. We sell everything to help you achieve the best from your car. Check out our online store at

Fraser Events

Fraser Events

Fraser Cars, along with a host of Lotus 7 Kit Car enthusiasts get together on a regular basis to hit the roads, show off their amazing, custom designed cars, and generally have a whole heap of fun!

Much More...

Much More...

Want to hire a Lotus 7 Kit Car for the weekend? Would you like to book your car into our workshop for a once over? Interested in some custom fabrication? Join our newsletter and learn more...

Lotus 7 Kit Cars - By Fraser

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